We want to get the “Over view  effect” on the ground.

We use artificial satellite and hand-made radio wave reflector.

We are artists and scientists.

We are drawing stars on the ground in the world.

Constellations of the Earth 2022

Animation with artificial satellite!

This project uses artificial satellites as art tools to look at ourselves from the perspective of space, and depicts countless starry skies and meteors on the ground. Twenty devices that reflect radio waves are arranged in a straight line in an open space such as a riverbed, and the location is imaged from an artificial satellite at two different times on different days. In the second imaging, by moving the reflector on the extension of the straight line where the radio wave reflector was placed in the first imaging, a two-frame “meteor” is drawn as a geoglyph animation.


A one-frame picture is drawn on the ground using a satellite that observes the ground with radio waves.

Radio wave reflector

Participants make their own devices that reflect radio waves from satellites.

Kanazawa college of Art

Faculty and students of Kanazawa College of Art are members of this activity.


This activity is carried out as a joint research between Kanazawa College of Art and JAXA.

Technology necessary to draw large animation on the ground

Using two Japanese satellites

This project will use Japan’s advanced radar satellite ALOS-4 in the future. In addition, by using the Quasi-Zenith Satellite QZSS, which is capable of positioning with an error of a few centimeters, the positional relationship between the frames before and after the animation is drawn accurately.


“Michibiki”(QZSS) is Japanese satellite for capable of positioning.


Performs centimeter-level positioning using electronic reference points and RTK positioning method.

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2014 – 2021

Works 2014 – 2019

Geoglyph production process using ALOS-2

Artistic Expression and Artificial Satellites
August 1, 2015/art space kimura ASK?
Speaker/Hiroshi Suzuki (Associate Professor, Kanazawa College of Art)/Masato Ohki (Researcher, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA])/Sakumi Hagiwara (Professor, Tama Art University)/Mizuho Ishii (Coordinator, ARCUS Project)/Tomohiro Sugaya (PR officer, JAXA)/Fuminori Akiba (Associate Professor, Nagoya University)

Constellations of the Earth | Activity Report 2013 -2017

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About us

We are artists and scientists.

Hiroshi SUZUKI

Professor at Oil Painting Course, Department of Fine Art, Kanazawa College of ArtRepresentative, Constellations of the Earth ProjectBorn 1972 in Shizuoka, Lives and works in Kanazawa, Ishikawa.

Masato OHKI

Researcher, Earth Observation Research Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency1982 born in Kanagawa, Lives and works in Tsukuba, Ibaraki

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